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Cookies are text files that can be stored in a dedicated space on the hard disk of the device being used by the user (e.g. computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) when the user visits the website through a browser, and can be subject to the consent of the user. The cookie allows you to identify the device where the cookie is stored for the entire period of validity or cookie registration. Cookies do not record any personal information of the user.

If you want to disable the use of cookies, it is necessary to customize your computer’s settings by setting the deletion of all cookies or by activating a warning message when cookies are stored. To proceed without changing the cookies application, just continue browsing. During website visits, the information about the navigation data received from the user’s device may be stored in cookies that are installed on that device. At the time of the first visit, the user will be informed about the use of cookies with information contained in a banner where they can decide whether to give consent or not. By continuing the navigation after viewing the banner, the user consents to the use of cookies.

Zarotti uses cookies for the following purposes, only with the consent of the user:

  • Cookies of a Technical Nature: cookies with the purpose of the website’s operation, without which the navigation experience may be compromised or unusable;
  • Navigation Traffic Analysis Cookies: they are cookies that, in a totally anonymous form, collect traffic data for analysis of the site;
  • Advertising Cookies: Zarotti can use these third party cookies for advertising purposes. Zarotti may use authorized service providers to offer advertisements on the website and on other websites. These service providers can insert cookies into the browser and collect information that helps identify the device, such as the IP address, or other identification factors.

Zarotti has no control over the processes used by third-party services to collect information about the user’s site visit or other related personal data. Please review the privacy policies of such social networks in order to understand the purpose of collecting navigation data through the above-mentioned buttons, especially with regard to advertising purposes. It is permitted to choose and modify what the user has chosen about cookies at any time, as the user may decide to configure their browser to allow cookies to be stored on their device and / or refuse them. The user can configure the browser to view the acceptance or refusal request of the cookies before the cookie is installed. The user can then decide whether or not to accept cookies on their device. If the user chooses to refuse the installation of cookies on their device, or when removing previously stored cookies, the user will not be able to use the website with all its features. In any case, Zarotti assumes no liability with respect to the reduced functionality of the services resulting from the unauthorized retention and viewing of the information necessary for the full functioning of the site and the services.

Each browser provides the ability to handle cookies with different options; regarding usage and settings in general, review these to check and enforce the desired browser configuration for the cookie settings.

If the user is using multiple computers in different locations, the user will need to make sure that each browser is set up to suit their preferences.

If you wish to allow cookies from the website, please follow the steps below with reference to the browsers you are using: