a sea tale

Zarotti's story is inseparably entwined with the sea. Each choice is driven by our profound love.

Anchovies from Cilento

Some traditions, as anchovies processing, can survive the passage of time and reach future generations, unaltered, giving even more value to a product that is precious in itself.

Our sea, our fish

Fish is a simple food, a natural gift of the sea, in our people's hands, the simplicity of the flavours of our land. Core values of our company.
We have a specific mission: to bring consumers' dishes the best that the sea and the imagination of Italian cuisine can offer.

Fish is so good

We can guarantee the quality of our fish, because we know the places, the methods and respect with which it is fished. We try not to alter it because we know how it is an indispensable ally for a person’s health and well-being.

In fact, fish has precious nutritional properties, capable of combining very few fats with a high content of protein and beneficial elements such as phosphorus, vitamins, mineral salts, and Omega 3. Moreover, a varied diet is good both for the tastebuds and the whole body. Fish is a versatile food, perfect to create many dishes: from aperitifs, to main courses, from delicious appetizers to pasta and rice dishes.
Zarotti fish is not farmed, but is fished in the open sea and is hand-processed to bring out the best of the sea.

Fishing areas

Craftsmanship and food safety

Craftsmanship of know how. The technology of food safety. Together they are the result of the sensations you feel when you open each pack: a wonderful journey of the senses that make your tastebuds travel to the sea.

The taste of passion

A secret ingredient not listed in the ingredients: the passion to convey the authentic taste of the sea.
We don't sell fish: we transform the treasures of the sea into small pearls of joy and well-being.