We have a deep sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Zarotti SpA products, already certified a Friend of the Sea for their fisheries in the Mediterranean, have received a second certification for the North East Atlantic origin (FAO Area # 27 8B and 8C).
After many years fishing in the Cantabrian Sea it became restricted to enable stock recovery. A recent audit by Friend of the Sea has confirmed that the current management is in line with the principle of precautionary/safety sustainable/eco-friendly exploitation/use.
The anchovies are fished by Spanish vessels which use nets without causing impact to the seabed. Pelagic fishing involves very minimal levels of waste and by-catch. In addition, fish resources are managed in line with the levels of maximum sustainable yield (MSY), respecting minimum size and fishing quotas. Our factories in Italy (San Marco di Castellabate), Albania and Morocco (Agadir) boast the IFS (International Food Standard), the highest recognition of food production standards recognized by all the major Italian and international distributors.”We also consider the international program of certification from Friend of the Sea, valid and reliable further recognition that comes from our deep sense of responsibility and care for the environment.”