certified quality

Each Zarotti product is the result of responsible choices, respecting the sea and the quality we represent.

Continuous control

We work in the most important Italian, European, and global fishing areas. We respect the sea and we pay attention to safeguard the entire production chain.
For example, in the Cantabrian sea, in the north of Spain, with the finest anchovies in the world, fishing takes place in accordance with the North-East Atlantic Ocean certification, in line with the principle of sustainable precautionary exploitation.

Sustainable fishing only

We fish only where fishing is regulated by strict rules for the protection of the marine ecosystem, during times dictated by the phases of the moon so as not to disturb the reproduction of the fish. Fish stock is regulated by maximum sustainable yield levels (MSY), respecting minimum sizes and fish quotas.

Pelagic fishing

We have strongly decided to use the pelagic fishing system and seine nets on the open sea, because it reduces the risk of accidentally catch other species to the bare minimum and does not cause damage to the sea beds.

Friend of the Sea

We live off the sea, it is in our interest to keep it alive and lively. That is why we are Friend of the Sea certified, the World Sustainability Organization project that brings together sustainable products and companies aligned in protecting the sea.

International Food Standard

All our processing plants are IFS (International Food Standard) certified, the highest guarantee for food production standards, recognized by the global large-scale distribution.

Our certifications