Our story

Our story begins on the Coast of Cilento – the cradle of good, simple Mediterranean food, where we had the headquarters of our main production unit. In the 90s this moved to Parma – the Food Valley, the cornerstone of world food, with the acquisition of the ZAROTTI SpA company, one of the most prestigious names associated with anchovy fillets of the highest quality.
 The headquarters in San Marco di Castellabate (SA) is a modern factory with all the latest technology which unravels the complex and exclusively artisan production chain. Craftsmanship and technology are two seemingly diametrically opposed concepts but on the contrary they guarantee all the goodness of ZAROTTI SpA products which, by directly controlling all stages of the production cycle from fishing to marketing the finished product, enable us to protect our excellence.


The family, the goodness, attention to quality, the creativity and simplicity of authentic Italian food traditions are our “social capital”. For us, a company is the sum of the individuals who make it work and the whole spectrum of their stories, their experience, their successes and their passions.
People who come from a thousand different directions and who are able to harmonise ancient preservation traditions, business philosophy and high competence in identifying the best locations for the best fishing. The family management takes advantage of carefully selected professionals, we believe this is one of our most important strengths. Today, innovation is not just doing something new, but always doing better than we have done before. Quality never goes out of fashion.


Parma, the capital of food, the Food Valley, where the most important Italian companies operating in the food industry are based, is the natural location for the modern headquarters of ZAROTTI SpA. The logistical headquarters of the company is situated on a total area of 2,500m² divided into executive, sales and marketing departments. Our distribution platform is equipped with large cold storage for goods in transit from our production sites. Modernisation. This is the term that has most engaged us in recent years, accurate and precise management controlled by modern management software ensuring efficient and rapid order management. All this is ZAROTTI SpA today.


Goodness is not a word linked to an abstract concept to be used only to “show off” to the market to sell better than others, but is the result of a series of gestures that come from a company philosophy consolidated over the years. Fish is good, fish does you good, fish is a simple food with a unique and symbolic role formed over centuries across all cultures of the world. Anchovies and tuna processed directly from fresh at the fishing grounds. Thanks to meticulous attention to our quality standards the traditional ZAROTTI SpA line has won its place on the shelves of prominent and prestigious retailers. Today we have packaging which is more modern, captivating, and instantly recognizable. Our products are, as always, completely natural with no preservatives, simple without colourants or additives of any kind and are packaged in glass or tin using 100% recyclable materials.


Our corporate philosophy is to position ourselves more and more as #KnowAnchoviesKnowZarotti (#QuelliDelleAlici), not only through the production and marketing of a quality product but mainly through the dissemination of a culture of the product and the safeguarding of traditional artisanship, which transfers its expertise to the Italian and foreign markets. For us at Zarotti to innovate is not only to do something new, but to do better what we have always done, because we think that “quality never goes out of fashion.”
In addition, the importance we give to values is evident from our engagement at the forefront of the community, helping those most in need and less fortunate.