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The best tuna and mackerel, tasty, clean and with a soft texture, ready to be enjoyed in salads or as a side dish. Available in family-size glass containers or in a practical single-serving pack.

Simple for the family

Tasty and compact tuna fillets, perfect for a quick and balanced meal, simple but very tasty. In packs perfect for every pantry. Discover also the pack with small bites, suitable for the preparation of sauces.

Tuna fillets in olive oil

200g | 300g | 400g | 520g | 720g

Tuna chunks in olive oil


Simple single-servings

The single-serving pack is the perfect quantity for those looking for the convenience of a simple and tasty snack, without waste. Classic tuna fillets in olive oil, light in water, or in organic extra virgin olive oil.

Tuna fillets in olive oil


Tuna fillets in water


Tuna fillets in Organic Extra virgin olive oil


Simple and tasty

Zarotti tender mackerel, naturally rich in Omega3, compact, perfectly clean and preserved in Delicate Oil, an innovation by Zarotti, which gives the product a more delicate but fragrant taste.

Mackerel fillets in olive oil


Grilled mackerel fillets in a delicate oil


Grilled mackerel fillets with chili pepper in a delicate oil


Grilled mackerel fillets with lemon in a delicate oil