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Our tuna #omegabuono line with its single-dose packs, in resealable, transparent, and in 100% recyclable glass jars is also on FOOD!
Tuna fillets are selected and processed by hand, with a precise cut and a light pink color. Tasty and compact, without crumbs, ideal for a quick and balanced meal. In addition, the single-serving 110 g pack offers the ideal quantity to people looking for the convenience of a simple and tasty snack, but without waste. They are available in the "classic" version in olive oil, natural or in organic extra virgin olive oil, or in the four recipes in olive oil with chilli, ginger and lemon, turmeric, and pink pepper.
Taste the quality tuna!

Gianluca Simone's (Zarotti S.p.a commercial director) interview on FOOD

Zarotti philosophy is expressed in three keywords: tradition, sustainability and innovation.
- Tradition and modernity: the entire Zarotti range is out with a 100% renewed total look.
Starting first from the restyling of the logo, to worthily celebrate in the shapes and colors the origin of the company (the "good South of Italy"), its values and its philosophy: the red of passion, the yellow of light and heat.
- Transparency guarantee: the new product look&feel strengthens the brand awareness. There are dedicated colors for each of the 5 lines: yellow/delicacy, red/gluttony, blue/tradition, light blue/lightness and wellness, black/excellence.
- Sustainability: with “green” packaging.
All packagings, in glass or tin, are fully recyclable: by 2024 Zarotti aims to become 100% plastic free.

Zarotti soul is explained by our commercial director, Gianluca Simone, in FOOD interview.

"We are born in Cilento, 70 years ago in Mediterranean blue waters. Then we grow up in Parma, in the heart of the Food Valley. Zarotti's mission has always been to create added value in the fish preserves market.
For this, our offer focuses on a high level of service to the trade and consumers, the wideness of a range with over 70 references, and many new and exclusive recipes.
We have strongly decided to use the pelagic fishing system: we fish only where fishing is regulated by strict rules for the protection of the marine ecosystem, during times dictated by the phases of the moon so as to not disturb the reproduction of the fish. Fish stock is regulated by maximum sustainable yield levels (MSY), respecting minimum sizes and fish quotas.
Therefore we are proud of the "Friend of the Sea" double sustainability certification.
For us, the sea is also becoming greener.

Anchovies jar of Zarotti #aperitips line is one of the protagonists of our ADV releases fof FOOD!

They are special because:
- available in a handy single-serving pack 50g format in clusters of two packs;
- the delicate oil in which they are immersed, does not freeze in the fridge;
- the jar is open and close and is completely recyclable;
- ideal for all #aperitips moments (‘quick’ snack);
- available in flavors: classic, truffle, Ligurian and chilli pepper.

“Pescato da una storia vera”... Buono da impazzire!

Discover the line

The packaging restyle is also linked to a provocative claim: “Chi dorme non piglia… Zarotti”, which full of optimism, has signed all our ADV releases on FOOD.
We live in a historical period in which we cannot afford to "sleep" and we have to keep our eyes open. In order not to miss anything, we need to be ready and to be sure of doing everything in the best way.

Discover our new rich offer:
- the Antica Tradizione line, classic anchovy fillets.
- the Aperitips line, for a tasty break and delicious aperitif.
- the Omegabuono line, a healthy line, selected fillets of tuna and mackerel.
- the Sì Chef line, based on simple or pre-cooked ingredients, is ready-to-use for the preparation of tasty dishes.
- the Cantabrian line, the excellence of large and fleshy anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea, is perfect for preparing excellent canapés and gourmet dishes.

And to offer new opportunities, there is also the new proposal of Kit Aperitips, with a 50g jar of anchovy fillets in delicate oil, two packets of crackers, and a steel fork.

Parma, the first Italian city to be nominated UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and 2020+21 Italian Capital of Culture, dedicates the entire month of September to the food culture and its identity.

From 29 August to 26 September in Parma, it's the time of "Settembre Gastronomico". Its calendar is full of activities and events dedicated to the Parma area excellences: Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, pasta, tomato, milk and dairy products, and our anchovies. The "anchovies week" will be 20/26 September!

Follow our social channels to discover all the surprises we have prepared.

Giovanni Palmieri, our Sole Director, in his interview in the last issue of Food - the monthly magazine for industry and retail - tells the rebranding path and the strategic repositioning that concerned our company in the last months. 

We are proud to say that... we won 18th MediaKeys Award - section Press, Outdoor & Promotion, with the campaign “Chi dorme non piglia… Zarotti”.

We have "kept our eyes open". To not miss anything, to be ready, to make sure we're doing everything in the best way.
The result? #mareviglioso.

Our new "life" starts from here: from a provocative claim but at the same time full of optimism; and from an important recognition. It gives great satisfaction and confirms that we are on the right path but that we still have a lot to do.

Also this year, the 50g single-serving format of Anchovy Fillets from the #aperitips line won the 2021 Quality Awards.

The prestigious award is the only Italian recognition given to quality products that truly and personally involves Italian consumers. Three hundred consumers, in fact, were invited to express an opinion through a real complete sensory experience. Among the products awarded this year, in addition to our anchovy fillets, there are great evergreen brands and market news: all products in line with the latest consumer trends.

The #aperitips anchovy fillets are our innovation. The convenient single-serving format, easy to open and close, is designed for both appetizers, appetizers and tasty finger foods and "quick" snacks.

Furthermore, the preservation in delicate oil gives the anchovies a delicate and light flavor.

What are you waiting for?
Try them!

It has been a difficult year for everyone. A different, unexpected year that has profoundly changed us. It was the year of sacrifices, renunciations, changes, but also the year of opportunities.
And never as in this 2020, the term "opportunity" has acquired such a great value.
Yes, because having a chance today means receiving a great gift.
Sometimes, however, the opportunity should not be waited for, but sought, with all one's strength. With tenacity, with love, with passion, with faith or with trust, it doesn't matter with what, the important thing is to never stop believing that everything can change for the better. We believe in it, every day.

For us, for our families and for those who have trusted us and sometimes even for those who have not. A chance is given to everyone. Especially on days like these.

“We wish you all, many, many happy Christmases, and many friendships. And a huge amount of joyful memories. On this day of hope, we will no longer keep anything away from our home and everyone will be welcome. Welcome to what has been, what is and what we hope will be! We wish a Merry Christmas to each of us. "

Telling the identity of Parma and its territory through the kitchen.

From August 30 to September 27 the events of "Gastronomic September" return. The collaboration between institutions, companies, restaurateurs and trade associations made it possible, in compliance with health regulations and provisions, with a program of events spread both throughout the Parma area and through webinars.

This year, three dinners will go to support Emporio Solidale Parma, which, following the Covid-19 emergency, helps 1,300 families every day.  And as a sign of solidarity, there will also be twinning in the kitchen with the cities of Bergamo and Genoa.

As in every edition, the protagonists of the "Gastronomic September" program are the supply chains that have contributed to making Parma both the capital of the Food Valley and the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy: those of anchovies (to which we belong), those of DOP Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, that of pasta, tomato and milk.

Each week of September will be dedicated to a representative supply chain of the Parma Food Valley:
- that of tomatoes from 30 August to 5 September;
- that of Prosciutto di Parma PDO from 6 to 12 September;
- that of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and milk from 13 to 19 September;
- that of anchovies and pasta from 20 to 27 September.

In addition, for the whole month of September, tourists arriving in Parma (UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21) will receive a free "Tasty Box - The Flavors of the Food Valley", with all the symbolic products of the Parma Food Valley, among which there will also be our #aperitips anchovy fillets. To obtain it, it will be sufficient to stay in one of the accommodation facilities in the city, for a period that includes at least the night of Saturday.


From Saturday 5th to Wednesday 9th October we will be present at Anuga 2019.
We have chosen the largest and most important Food & Beverage fair in the world to present our news.
Come and visit us: Hall 11.2 - Stand E044 - Cologne (Germany).

You will be able to taste all our new #aperitips in the 50 gr format!

From 1st to 29th September, "Gastronomic September" returns to Parma, the event dedicated to the celebration of good food, the promotion of local gastronomic culture and the exaltation of the Food Valley supply chains. Parma, the Italian capital of the Food Valley, thus begins to prepare for 2020, where it will wear the sash of Italian Capital of Culture.

The event promoted by the Municipality of Parma and the Parma UNESCO City of Gastronomy Foundation is directed by Parma Alimentare and the association "Parma, I'm in it!".
The event is in fact a real choral project, expression of the maximum integration of the Parma agri-food system and the result of the collaboration between these and the main local institutions.

Main sponsors will be BMW and Esselunga while the main partners will be the Consortia of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma (ambassadors in the world of "Made in Italy" excellence) and some companies representing the main food chains in the area such as:
Barilla, for the pasta and bakery products sector, Mutti and Rodolfi, for the industrial tomato processing district, we at Zarotti together with Delicius Rizzoli, L'Isola d'Oro and Rizzoli Emanuelli for the canned fish and Parmalat, for that of milk.

Conviviality and good food will be the undisputed protagonists of all scheduled events.