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Together with Tunnel Studios we have reached a new milestone: we were awarded in the food section at the 21st Press Outdoor & Promotion Key Award for our sustainability campaign #AMICIDELMARE. 
This campaign aimed to transform consumers into true ambassadors of sustainability values ​​through the reverse marketing approach.
The Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award, organized by the Media Key group, is a national recognition that aims to promote the creativity and effectiveness of communication conveyed through the press, OOH and different forms of external communication, events, operations promotional and packaging.
Our multi-subject campaign, with the innovative reverse marketing approach, aims to involve the target with "contrary" messages that start from the consumer towards the company. This tactic aims to capture the public's attention by raising awareness of environmental issues with the aim of transforming them into true active supporters of sustainability. Furthermore, this campaign fully embraced our company policies aimed at reducing the use of plastic, choosing eco-friendly labels and adopting sustainable fishing practices.

Finally, again for this campaign, we also received a nomination in the integrated campaign category.

A new demonstration of excellence, a further step in sustainability and a prestigious recognition: three great results obtained thanks to the latest creation from Zarotti.
We are in fact proud to present our natural Salmon Fillets: the result of a careful selection of raw materials and rigorously sustainable fishing, our fillets, steam cooked, are treated one by one with wisdom, respect for the raw material and processed the minimum necessary to keep its precious organoleptic and nutritional properties intact, thus allowing us to offer a healthy, balanced, authentic product. And 100% environmentally friendly. Zarotti Salmon Fillets, in fact, are stored in tin packaging, a material which - in addition to perfectly preserving the high quality of the product - reduces the environmental impact of the packaging, because it is completely recyclable.
An innovative product which, due to the coexistence of all these characteristics, was selected by the technical jury of Food Editore to be exhibited in the Cibus Innovation Corner space during the next Cibus, which will be held in Parma from 7 to 10 May: the opportunity to let you discover the authentic and naturally good taste of this new protagonist of the cuisine of those who love the sea like us.

From 7 to 10 May 2024 we look forward to seeing you at the 22nd edition of CIBUS, the International Food Exhibition. To reach us you can take advantage of our continuous shuttle service which connects our headquarters - Strada Nuova di Coloreto 15A, Parma - to the FAIR OF PARMA.
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HALL 05 - STAND A 004


We have said it many times, and we will never tire of repeating it: for us at Zarotti, the sea is everything. First and foremost, it represents a great responsibility because when you choose to be Ambassadors of the Sea, it becomes natural to also advocate for its needs, interpret its reality, and guarantee its health.

Our production activity is inseparable from an ethical and responsible approach and a constant search for eco-sustainable solutions with reduced environmental impact. There are many choices that embody this approach, and a tangible proof of this commitment is our sustainable fishing practices certified by Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization that has become the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment.

We are increasingly convinced that sustainability certifications are a crucial element in today's landscape of conscious consumption because they provide consumers with clear and verifiable information about the origin and environmental and social standards adopted in production. This conviction is also supported by a study dedicated to analyzing and documenting changes in the spending habits of Italians (at supermarkets and hypermarkets distributed throughout the national territory) conducted by the Immagino Observatory and promoted by GS1 Italy.

According to this research, consumers in the past year have rewarded reliable sustainability certifications, and Friend of the Sea, which recorded a 6% shelf growth, is an example. The total value growth of Friend of the Sea certified products on the shelves of Italian supermarkets is in line with the increasing interest of consumers and, consequently, the commitment of producers and retailers towards a lower-impact, controlled, and certified supply chain.

And with our ethical choices, we have always been on the side of consumers.

We share extraordinary news: on January 22, 2024, during an unforgettable evening at the prestigious Scuola Grande della Misericordia in Venice, we had the honor of being awarded at the 1st edition of the Media key Venice Award, reaching its 100th for the publishing group, which debuted at Wine in Venice. The recognition given to us is the Best Global Communication and celebrates our excellence in communication with the integrated brand identity project "Pescato da una storia vera". But 2 important nominations also arrived, in the Brand Identity section and in the Digital section. This win is the result of our ongoing commitment to creating a distinctive and engaging visual identity that fits into a broader context of storytelling and authenticity and we are thrilled to share this success with our agency Tunnel Studios.

In a historical moment marked by #SHRINKFLATION, where companies reduce the products' weight without changing price, Zarotti have decided to keep the tuna jars at 200g unchanged, standing out as always with their extra 20g.

This demonstrates an ever-increasing commitment to consumers.

The small steps, taken on the right path, go a long way.
Plastic Free Certification. These are three simple words, but for us at Zarotti, they encapsulate a whole world. Three words that since 2022 proudly testify to our corporate ethics, always based on daily responsibility, love for the sea, and attention to the future. Three words confirming that we are on the right track and that, thanks to our daily commitment to reducing plastic, in all areas of production as well as in our daily business, we have obtained the "Grade C" of the Plastic Free Certification. A result where words carry the weight of actions: the significant reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of pallet packaging, the elimination of plastic adhesive tapes, the use of innovative packaging closure systems, and the use of reusable and 100% recyclable containers. This certification is proof of how the constant commitment and ethical vision of a company can lead to tangible and concrete benefits for the environment and the well-being of all. We are happy and proud because the results achieved confirm that eliminating plastic is possible and is the path to follow today to preserve the life of tomorrow.

When for some of our labels we wanted to rely on the vision of UPM Raflatac by choosing their Ocean Action Label self-adhesive material, the first product in the world certified to combat pollution caused by plastic in the ocean, we knew it would be a winning choice for the sea and for the environment. These labels, in fact, are entirely made with plastic waste that risks polluting the oceans, i.e. plastic waste found within 50 km of the coasts and considerations with a high environmental impact due to the risk of ending up in the sea. A choice that represents the perfect expression of a commitment and a sustainable approach that is part of our corporate DNA. A vision that we shared and strongly supported and of which today we are even more proud, because UPM Raflatac obtained, precisely with the Ocean Action Label project, the Sustainability Award at the Label Industry Global Awards 2023 in Brussels: an important victory that marks the step towards a sustainable future for the global industry and for all of us's daily lives. In fact, more and more consumers are demonstrating their sensitivity to respecting the planet, preferring companies and products that share the same commitment.

We believe there are decisions that can be postponed, but some choices cannot wait.
For some time now, we have embraced a constant commitment towards a sustainable future, consecrating our commitment to preserving the well-being of the sea through responsible fishing practices and to protect the marine ecosystem, encouraging recycling, reducing the number of polluting emissions thanks to the use of renewable energy and limiting the use of plastic. This ardent determination led us to acquire the Plastic Free Certification in 2022, which was renewed this year. Every minute that passes, the amount of plastic material that ends up in the oceans reaches exorbitant numbers and only a very small part of this is correctly recycled. The emergency is therefore more than real. We are proudly #plasticfree yesterday, today and forever.


From October 7th to October 11th, 2023, the largest international agri-food community will gather in Cologne. And we at Zarotti will be there, proud to be part of a prestigious group of companies that will elevate the value of Italian food tradition on a global scale. Anuga, in fact, the world's most important Food & Beverage trade fair, will see us among its protagonists for 5 days, alongside Parma Alimentare, the organization that promotes the excellences of the Food Valley.It's a pride we feel even more deeply and passionately due to the theme of this edition: "Sustainable Growth." Sustainable growth and its environmental and climate implications will be the central topic of the 2023 event. These are issues that are genuine daily drivers for our company, our production, and our vision. In fact, while our commitment to environmental conservation is well-established, obtaining the Plastic Free Certification, adopting the Ocean Action labels from UPM Raflatac - make with ocean bound plastic - using 100% recyclable packaging, employing zero-emission photovoltaic energy in our Cilento facility, and, not least, sustainable and FSC-certified fishing practices, are now indispensable assets that are integral to our corporate culture. Participating in Anuga will be an opportunity for us to engage with an expansive, dynamic, and diverse landscape, but with the certainty of speaking a common language and, above all, having the same goal: finding sustainable solutions to collectively move towards a future of quality.

We look forward to welcoming you from October 7th to October 11th at the 2023 edition of Anuga
at the Parma Alimentare booth
Hall 11.2 - Stand E044

The 21st edition of "Puliamo l'Isola" took place on 11 June.
This wonderful initiative, organized by Legambiente with the aim of cleaning up Punta Licosa island from plastic and micro-plastics, was sponsored by the Municipality of San Marco di Castellabate and by the Port Authority of Santa Maria di Castellabate and fully embraces our principles and ethical values of respect and protection of the environment.
For us, promoting sustainable behavior towards the sea, so that future generations can continue to benefit from its wonders and resources, is a mission of primary importance. Furthermore, our commitment to combating marine pollution has been recognized by obtaining the Plastic Free Certification® which certifies the reduction in the use of plastic in our company.
We sincerely wanted to sponsor this initiative and actively participate in the cleaning of the island, also because our main production site is right in San Marco di Castellabate, in the wonderful Cilento Park. The Cilento plant is located there and boasts a latest generation photovoltaic system that is able to control all phases of the production cycle, to satisfy the total production energy needs and to totally eliminate CO2 emissions.




On 29 and 30 March, the future of Italian agri-food consumption and exports is staged in Parma: Cibus Connecting Italy is back. Organized by the International Food Exhibition, to enhance the link with the territory and to rediscover productions, traditions and the Italian culture of good living, good food and healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.

We at Zarotti will be guests with an exhibition space at the Parma Alimentare stand.
Come and visit us to discover all our news.


Plastic tons of is dumped into our oceans every day (about 13 million tons every year). An equivalent of a truck full garbage of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute. The impact that all can have in the long run on the health of our sea, on its ecosystem, on the life of marine fauna, on our health is really strong on . We at Zarotti, the #Ambasciatoridelmare, wondered if, in our small way, there could be a way to reverse this trend and we found the answer in a label! But not just any label: UPM Raflatac's Ocean Action labels, in fact, are the first in the world made with ocean plastic - that is, plastic found within 50 km of the coast - with the aim of increasing the recovery of plastic waste before they pollute our oceans. Today we are proud to be the first company in the food sector in Italy to use this material for the labels of our Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil: the starting point of an important project which is taking off and which will progressively involve all our labelable products, becoming an integral part of our consolidated corporate vision based on the protection of our wonderful sea.


Our commitment to protecting and respecting the environment has reached another important milestone that fills us with pride. After obtaining, last July, the Plastic Free certification for our packaging, in fact, another certification has also arrived that was particularly close to our hearts: all the labels shown on Zarotti products are officially recognized as 100% sustainable. Thanks to SGS, a leading company in the world for inspection, analysis and certification services, it was possible to follow the necessary process and undergo all the necessary checks to obtain this result in total correctness and transparency.
A certificate that has a special value for us, because it not only reaffirms and recognizes our commitment to the environment and the future of the planet, but also allows us to express, once again, the deep love that binds us to ours. wonderful sea.
A love that can be seen immediately: already from the label.

We are certified!
July 2022 will be a month we will remember. A month in which we have reached a milestone and obtained a strong recognition, for which we are committed and we have firmly believed in: the Plastic Free certification. Zarotti's commitment to the environment began a few years ago, with the determined desire to reduce the use of plastic .

Parma Food Valley, a unique land where Italian excellence heightens the senses. A Valley in the heart of Italy, where the art of savoir-faire, innovation and the constant quest for quality ingredients make up the very essence of a land brought to life through good food. A place where the culture of the territory and its culinary gems come together to offer world-renowned culinary excellence.
In addition to the Consorzi di Tutela del Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Prosciutto di Parma DOP and important food companies such as Barilla and some excellences in the tomato preserves sector, such as Mutti and Rodolfi, we are also there together with the anchovy supply chain, representing the fish's companies.
In this region, every taste celebrates the authenticity, attention and commitment that people, companies and supply chain have been passing down from one generation to the next. Daily work performed with passion for you to rediscover the joy of soaking up extraordinary new experiences.
Ready to live new extraordinary experiences?
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Cilento d'amare: our new line dedicated to Cilento, a great source of inspiration for us. With this new product line, we want to enhance our Cilento's origins, an authentic territory of beauty. A line that stands out for its short supply chain that sees two protagonists actors of the Mediterranean Diet: olive oil and blue fish!
Entirely KM0, characterized by a short supply chain that goes from fishing to the conservation of products, passing through the totally artisanal processing that takes place on the fishing site. A freshness that has earned it the certification of the Cilento National Park, which has always been committed to safeguarding the traditional heritage, typical products and local crafts.
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Four iconic dishes of Italian cuisine, ready to be enjoyed in convenient single-portion 200g glass jars.
A new line, designed from the heart of the South with simplicity, love, sun and sea inside. Rich in noble proteins, trace elements and fundamental vitamins, it's completely natural and fully reflects the values ​​of Mediterranean cuisine. Free of preservatives, artificial flavors and added sugars, it is designed to satisfy all tastes: ideal for those who follow a protein diet for physical activity but also for those who choose to eat healthy, simple and genuine.
Mussels and beans, Salmon and lentils, Cod and potatoes and Shrimps and anchovies.
Do the load of well-being: they are only to be heated.
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With Parma Regio Theater we go to NewYork for the "Spring Gala", an exclusive evening organized by the International Friends of Festival Verdi, the non-profit association that supports the Parma Regio Theater and the Verdi Festival, aimed at promoting worldwide Verdi and the Theater cultural heritage. We will be together with the anchovy chain and other excellences of the Parma area to growth Parma, its territory and its gastronomic delights.
Parma, Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy and Italian Capital of Culture 2020-2021, is the spearhead of the Italian Food Valley, a city to live, love and taste.
It will be an extraordinary evening with 150 guests, including personalities from US finance, publishing and entrepreneurship. The evening protagonist is the Chef Massimo Bottura's menu, created with Parma excellence.
The evening will be enhanced also by the performance of the soprano Eleonora Buratto.

Cibus, the International Food Exhibition, is back.
Come and visit us: we are waiting for you in Parma from 3 to 6 May: hall 5, stand M 010.
We will launch two new lines: # SìChef line (ready meals) and #Cilentodamare line!

Take advantage ​​​​of our continuous shuttle service that connects our headquarters - Strada Nuova di Coloreto 15A, Parma - to the Fiera di Parma.


From 3 to 8 May, in conjunction with Cibus, the most important agri-food sector event, there is the Fuorisalone (of Cibus), a virtuous example of collaboration between public and private in San Paolo Monastery area.
This event is promote by Cumune of Parma and the Parma UNESCO City of Gastronomy Foundation, with the operational direction of Parma Alimentare.
The project is supported by the "Parma, io ci sto" Association, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP union and Prosciutto di Parma DOP union and by some important food companies, including us, together the fish preserves companies, reunited with the name "Le Alici a Parma".

On 12 and 13 April 2022 we will be at Marca by BolognaFiere.
Now in its 18th edition, Marca by BolognaFiere is the only Italian event entirely dedicated to the private label and is the second fair in Europe in the MDD sector. This international event offers a unique opportunity, as it allows the direct encounter between supply and demand and presents the high quality products of the most important manufacturing industries in the world.
We are waiting for you at HALL 26 - STAND C73.

We have decided to tell our story, a story made of ancient traditions, passion, technology, the sea.

To tell it, however, we decided to do it through your words: this is how #ilMareDentro project was born, the first Magazine of stories that tell about the sea that inspires and that becomes an engine of exchanges and productivity.

Zarotti signs this great project that speaks of true stories lived in different times and places. We believe in those values ​​that connect those who have the sea inside.

Through the social channels and the website, we will give voice to the many creative and entrepreneurial realities that make MadeinItaly famous all over the world.

We will talk about managers, artists, artisans, influencers. We will talk about you, people who believe in what they do and who believe in our country. We want to support the excellence of our Italian territory: entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, tourism, fashion, design, food and art sectors.

Zarotti has #ilMareDentro not only because its products come from the sea, but because we were born in the sea and we keep its cultural aspect, respect, education and passion.

We could say - without sounding arrogant - that knowing the sea is a serious matter.

It means living it, or have lived it, it means knowing every nuance, even if it is never the same. It means having the awareness that it is a friend of those who can give you a lot but who can take everything away from you.

It must be respected, loved. This is why we are committed to respecting the sea with policies and strategies that can preserve it for many generations to come.

We fish only in seas where fishing is strictly regulated to safeguard the marine ecosystem and fish reproduction, thus obtaining FriendoftheSea certification.

The glass in which we pack our anchovies is not only beautiful to look at or ethical for the environment, but also the material that preserves the flavor and nutritional characteristics of food better than any other.

The paper and cardboard of our packaging come from forests certified for environmental sustainability. The labels are wash-off, so the glass remains free of glue residues and is completely recyclable.

Not only have we carefully chosen the packaging materials, but we have also rethought transport packaging, favoring those that are easier to dispose of and reducing their quantity, optimizing packaging and logistics procedures. And we will not stop there, we will do more and more.

We started with us to choose who to give a voice to. But you don't need to see the sea to feel it.
You have the sea inside, wherever you are.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Come and discover our new Magazine, #Wonderful stories await you!

Parma City of Gastronomy, "product club" that protects the quality of the typical products of the Parma area, led by the Municipality of Parma and main food companies of Parma area, on the occasion of the "Settembre Gastronomico" event, donated € 20,000 to Emporio Solidale Parma. This event, in addition to being the tool for promoting the Parma food identity, is confirmed as a project with a great social purpose.

Discover more reading the article of Gazzetta di Parma

The photographic book "Qui dove il calcio luccica" created by Polito Foundation of Santa Maria di Castellabate was presented in Naples, on board of the cruise ship MSC Seashore. The book full of evocative images taken by Dario Di Sessa, reflect some important relics exhibited in the "Andrea Fortunato" museum, the national team and juventus young soccer player from Salerno struck down by a leukemia at the age of 24.

The presentation took place on Monday 18 October and during the meeting the former defender Sebino Nela, who has overcome a serious illness, also made his speech.
We at Zarotti have been happy to support the Polito Foundation for some time.

Discover the video
Find out more about the Polito Foundation

Our tuna #omegabuono line with its single-dose packs, in resealable, transparent, and in 100% recyclable glass jars is also on FOOD!
Tuna fillets are selected and processed by hand, with a precise cut and a light pink color. Tasty and compact, without crumbs, ideal for a quick and balanced meal. In addition, the single-serving 110 g pack offers the ideal quantity to people looking for the convenience of a simple and tasty snack, but without waste. They are available in the "classic" version in olive oil, natural or in organic extra virgin olive oil, or in the four recipes in olive oil with chilli, ginger and lemon, turmeric, and pink pepper.
Taste the quality tuna!

Gianluca Simone's (Zarotti S.p.a commercial director) interview on FOOD

Zarotti philosophy is expressed in three keywords: tradition, sustainability and innovation.
- Tradition and modernity: the entire Zarotti range is out with a 100% renewed total look.
Starting first from the restyling of the logo, to worthily celebrate in the shapes and colors the origin of the company (the "good South of Italy"), its values and its philosophy: the red of passion, the yellow of light and heat.
- Transparency guarantee: the new product look&feel strengthens the brand awareness. There are dedicated colors for each of the 5 lines: yellow/delicacy, red/gluttony, blue/tradition, light blue/lightness and wellness, black/excellence.
- Sustainability: with “green” packaging.
All packagings, in glass or tin, are fully recyclable: by 2024 Zarotti aims to become 100% plastic free.

Zarotti soul is explained by our commercial director, Gianluca Simone, in FOOD interview.

"We are born in Cilento, 70 years ago in Mediterranean blue waters. Then we grow up in Parma, in the heart of the Food Valley. Zarotti's mission has always been to create added value in the fish preserves market.
For this, our offer focuses on a high level of service to the trade and consumers, the wideness of a range with over 70 references, and many new and exclusive recipes.
We have strongly decided to use the pelagic fishing system: we fish only where fishing is regulated by strict rules for the protection of the marine ecosystem, during times dictated by the phases of the moon so as to not disturb the reproduction of the fish. Fish stock is regulated by maximum sustainable yield levels (MSY), respecting minimum sizes and fish quotas.
Therefore we are proud of the "Friend of the Sea" double sustainability certification.
For us, the sea is also becoming greener.

Anchovies jar of Zarotti #aperitips line is one of the protagonists of our ADV releases fof FOOD!

They are special because:
- available in a handy single-serving pack 50g format in clusters of two packs;
- the delicate oil in which they are immersed, does not freeze in the fridge;
- the jar is open and close and is completely recyclable;
- ideal for all #aperitips moments (‘quick’ snack);
- available in flavors: classic, truffle, Ligurian and chilli pepper.

“Pescato da una storia vera”... Buono da impazzire!

Discover the line

The packaging restyle is also linked to a provocative claim: “Chi dorme non piglia… Zarotti”, which full of optimism, has signed all our ADV releases on FOOD.
We live in a historical period in which we cannot afford to "sleep" and we have to keep our eyes open. In order not to miss anything, we need to be ready and to be sure of doing everything in the best way.

Discover our new rich offer:
- the Antica Tradizione line, classic anchovy fillets.
- the Aperitips line, for a tasty break and delicious aperitif.
- the Omegabuono line, a healthy line, selected fillets of tuna and mackerel.
- the Sì Chef line, based on simple or pre-cooked ingredients, is ready-to-use for the preparation of tasty dishes.
- the Cantabrian line, the excellence of large and fleshy anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea, is perfect for preparing excellent canapés and gourmet dishes.

And to offer new opportunities, there is also the new proposal of Kit Aperitips, with a 50g jar of anchovy fillets in delicate oil, two packets of crackers, and a steel fork.

Parma, the first Italian city to be nominated UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and 2020+21 Italian Capital of Culture, dedicates the entire month of September to the food culture and its identity.

From 29 August to 26 September in Parma, it's the time of "Settembre Gastronomico". Its calendar is full of activities and events dedicated to the Parma area excellences: Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, pasta, tomato, milk and dairy products, and our anchovies. The "anchovies week" will be 20/26 September!

Follow our social channels to discover all the surprises we have prepared.

Giovanni Palmieri, our Sole Director, in his interview in the last issue of Food - the monthly magazine for industry and retail - tells the rebranding path and the strategic repositioning that concerned our company in the last months. 

We are proud to say that... we won 18th MediaKeys Award - section Press, Outdoor & Promotion, with the campaign “Chi dorme non piglia… Zarotti”.

We have "kept our eyes open". To not miss anything, to be ready, to make sure we're doing everything in the best way.
The result? #mareviglioso.

Our new "life" starts from here: from a provocative claim but at the same time full of optimism; and from an important recognition. It gives great satisfaction and confirms that we are on the right path but that we still have a lot to do.

Also this year, the 50g single-serving format of Anchovy Fillets from the #aperitips line won the 2021 Quality Awards.

The prestigious award is the only Italian recognition given to quality products that truly and personally involves Italian consumers. Three hundred consumers, in fact, were invited to express an opinion through a real complete sensory experience. Among the products awarded this year, in addition to our anchovy fillets, there are great evergreen brands and market news: all products in line with the latest consumer trends.

The #aperitips anchovy fillets are our innovation. The convenient single-serving format, easy to open and close, is designed for both appetizers, appetizers and tasty finger foods and "quick" snacks.

Furthermore, the preservation in delicate oil gives the anchovies a delicate and light flavor.

What are you waiting for?
Try them!

It has been a difficult year for everyone. A different, unexpected year that has profoundly changed us. It was the year of sacrifices, renunciations, changes, but also the year of opportunities.
And never as in this 2020, the term "opportunity" has acquired such a great value.
Yes, because having a chance today means receiving a great gift.
Sometimes, however, the opportunity should not be waited for, but sought, with all one's strength. With tenacity, with love, with passion, with faith or with trust, it doesn't matter with what, the important thing is to never stop believing that everything can change for the better. We believe in it, every day.

For us, for our families and for those who have trusted us and sometimes even for those who have not. A chance is given to everyone. Especially on days like these.

“We wish you all, many, many happy Christmases, and many friendships. And a huge amount of joyful memories. On this day of hope, we will no longer keep anything away from our home and everyone will be welcome. Welcome to what has been, what is and what we hope will be! We wish a Merry Christmas to each of us. "

Telling the identity of Parma and its territory through the kitchen.

From August 30 to September 27 the events of "Gastronomic September" return. The collaboration between institutions, companies, restaurateurs and trade associations made it possible, in compliance with health regulations and provisions, with a program of events spread both throughout the Parma area and through webinars.

This year, three dinners will go to support Emporio Solidale Parma, which, following the Covid-19 emergency, helps 1,300 families every day.  And as a sign of solidarity, there will also be twinning in the kitchen with the cities of Bergamo and Genoa.

As in every edition, the protagonists of the "Gastronomic September" program are the supply chains that have contributed to making Parma both the capital of the Food Valley and the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy: those of anchovies (to which we belong), those of DOP Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, that of pasta, tomato and milk.

Each week of September will be dedicated to a representative supply chain of the Parma Food Valley:
- that of tomatoes from 30 August to 5 September;
- that of Prosciutto di Parma PDO from 6 to 12 September;
- that of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and milk from 13 to 19 September;
- that of anchovies and pasta from 20 to 27 September.

In addition, for the whole month of September, tourists arriving in Parma (UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21) will receive a free "Tasty Box - The Flavors of the Food Valley", with all the symbolic products of the Parma Food Valley, among which there will also be our #aperitips anchovy fillets. To obtain it, it will be sufficient to stay in one of the accommodation facilities in the city, for a period that includes at least the night of Saturday.


From Saturday 5th to Wednesday 9th October we will be present at Anuga 2019.
We have chosen the largest and most important Food & Beverage fair in the world to present our news.
Come and visit us: Hall 11.2 - Stand E044 - Cologne (Germany).

You will be able to taste all our new #aperitips in the 50 gr format!

From 1st to 29th September, "Gastronomic September" returns to Parma, the event dedicated to the celebration of good food, the promotion of local gastronomic culture and the exaltation of the Food Valley supply chains. Parma, the Italian capital of the Food Valley, thus begins to prepare for 2020, where it will wear the sash of Italian Capital of Culture.

The event promoted by the Municipality of Parma and the Parma UNESCO City of Gastronomy Foundation is directed by Parma Alimentare and the association "Parma, I'm in it!".
The event is in fact a real choral project, expression of the maximum integration of the Parma agri-food system and the result of the collaboration between these and the main local institutions.

Main sponsors will be BMW and Esselunga while the main partners will be the Consortia of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma (ambassadors in the world of "Made in Italy" excellence) and some companies representing the main food chains in the area such as:
Barilla, for the pasta and bakery products sector, Mutti and Rodolfi, for the industrial tomato processing district, we at Zarotti together with Delicius Rizzoli, L'Isola d'Oro and Rizzoli Emanuelli for the canned fish and Parmalat, for that of milk.

Conviviality and good food will be the undisputed protagonists of all scheduled events.