Plastic free, just sea.
For years, our packaging has been made only with fully recyclable materials: paper, glass, and tin.

Loving the sea means to do our best to keep it healthy, beautiful, and clean.

We are officially
Plastic Free.

Our commitment to the environment begins with the determined desire to reduce the use of plastic in any area: from production to packaging, from packing to packaging, without forgetting the daily life of the company. And today, thanks to the Plastic Free Certification, we are officially plastic free for some of our lines!

Our certifications

Recyclable glass

The glass we use to pack our anchovies it is not only aesthetically pleasing or ethical for the environment. It is also good for you, because glass is the material that best preserves the flavour and nutritional characteristics of food.

Sustainable paper

The paper and cardboard of the outer packaging come from forests certified according to FSC or PEFC standards for environmental sustainability. We use wash off labels, to keep the glass free of glue residues and fully recyclable.

Less packaging is better

Not only have we carefully chosen the packaging materials, but we have also rethought the transport packaging of the products, favouring easier to dispose materials, we have reduced their quantity, optimizing packaging and logistics procedures.

Responsible for the sea

Clearly, our first environmental responsibility is for the sea. We only fish in regulated seas, with times dictated by the phases of the moon so as not to disturb the reproduction of the fish, we only use the pelagic fishing system, because it doesn't damage the sea beds and reduces the risk of accidentally catch other species to the bare minimum. Our responsibility has allowed us to gain the Friend of the Sea certification