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Anchovy fillets in a spicy sauce

The soft anchovy fillets combined with the tantalising spicy sauce are particularly suitable for the preparation of canapés, starters/appetizers and pasta and rice dishes. The perfect balance of ingredients for a mix of sweet and sour flavours that gives a unique flavour to the anchovies, also appreciated by the most refined palates.

Product info

Salted anchovies, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, wine, wine vinegar, tomato concentrate, tuna, sugar, garlic, chilli, pepper, maidenhair fern, cinnamon, cloves, tamarind, E 223 (sulphites), mustard, nutmeg.
Fish, wine, wine vinegar, tuna, sulphites, mustard, nutmeg.
Conservation (once opened)
Store in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator with the product completely covered with oil.

Nutrition facts

Nutritional information averages per 100g of drained product

Energy kJ

833.00 kJ

Energy kcal

199.00 kcal


9.30 g

Saturated fatty acids

2.00 g


1.00 g


0.50 g


27.00 g


12.00 g

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