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Zarotti brings the delights and scents of the sea to the table.
All the products are completely natural, simple, without conservatives, colours or additives and packaged with 100% recyclable materials. Discover our complete range or filter the products by category.


Delights of the sea


In keeping with their biological cycle, the anchovies of the “Tradition” line bring to the table all the purity of the waters where they were caught and the wisdom of the old methods of artisanship. Meaty fillets with a soft taste, rolled or enriched with delicious flavours are perfect to be enjoyed alone and as a main ingredient of delicious recipes. The line offers a wide range of sizes and preparations to find the solution that meets every individual’s taste needs and makes eating them so easy.

Cantabrian sea line

The deep waters of the Cantabrian Sea in the north of Spain are the natural habitat of one of the most exquisite qualities of anchovies. They are fished in the springtime period, when the schools of fish approach the shoreline and they are worked by hand which guarantees a quality product, faithful to the ancient tradition of knowledge and patience.

"Ricciolose" line

The Ricciolose is an original, young and vivacious product. Double anchovy fillets enriched with the precious vegetables from the Mediterranean gardens, ideal for the preparation of tasty finger foods and delicious dishes. Fresh, eye-catching packaging, like the tin can, protects the product from the light fully conserving all the sensory characteristics.

Cetara line

Directly from the ancient Amalfi Coast arrives an authentic pearl of wisdom of small-scale production: the anchovies of the Cetara line. Each jar contains much more than just food excellence. Their fishing period takes place between April and August, just when the sea guarantees nights of flat calm. Washed, salted and packed in barrels according to procedures that are almost rituals, you wait for the moment of perfect maturation to remove these delicious anchovies by hand and immerse them in precious olive oil which preserves their flavour and characteristics over time.

Olio Delicato

Zarotti presents a new product: the anchovy fillets in Olio Delicato. This oil is an innovation signed by Zarotti, a blend of sunflower oil (85%) and extra virgin olive oil (15%). The Olio Delicato gives the product a more delicate and light taste and does not solidify at low temperatures.

The Tuna

The most famous preserved fish become the undisputed protagonists of tasty and refined dishes. The result of a careful selection from the best catch, the tuna and the mackerel fillets are worked by hand according to a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. The result is a product that you can recognize at first sight for the compact nature of their rosy coloured, meaty flesh. Preserved in olive oil and natural brine the glass jar packaging allows the conservation of the product even after opening.

Mackerel fillets

A very special new product rich of omega 3: the line of Grilled Mackerel from the Northern seas in a delicate oil which combine the lightness of sunflower oil and the aroma and taste of an extra virgin olive oil. Discover the line: classic, chilli and lemon taste. Taste the mackerel fillets in olive oil “Cuor di filetto”, discover the practical glass package.

Ready sauces

Zarotti has revisited its sauces to offer customers the best using only the highest quality Italian ingredients. “Che Sugo!” Bringing quality and taste to the table, a product exactly like homemade: good, fragrant and tasty. Ready-made sauces with: clams, clams and mackerel, tuna, mussels, marinara with anchovies. All gluten-free and the right quantity for two portions.

Anchovy creams

Zarotti has created an innovative/original/fresh product: “First there was anchovy paste … now there are the Zarotti Anchovy creams!” Soft emulsions with an anchovy base, perfect on bread for a quick snack, a tantalizing appetizer or as a condiment for vegetables, meat and fish. Two classic proposals; Anchovy Mayonnaise and the new Anchovy cream, and three extravagant ones; Creams flavoured with aubergines and olives, with parsley, lemon and garlic, and with tomatoes and chilli, designed to enrich any dish, even pasta!

Bio line

The range of products from the Bio (Organic) Line consists of anchovies and tuna caught in the zone naturally devoted the preservation of fish: Cilento (an Italian region of Campania in the central and southern part of the Province of Salerno). Both products are strictly handmade and preserved in Italian extra virgin olive oil produced by organic farming and its delicate flavour satisfies the palate of even the most demanding consumers and for those who prefer organic products. Their glass and aluminum packaging is entirely recyclable and safe.

Excellence with anchovies

Interpreting the best qualities of anchovies is not just a matter of taste. With top-quality ingredients everything becomes special, like the selection offered by Zarotti in this line. Anchovy Paste, Anchovy Colatura (“Colatura di Alici”) and Bagna Cauda”. Delights for connoisseurs and lovers of tradition and the culture of traditional flavours.

Fruits of the sea

Zarotti has selected the most delicate flavours of the sea and preserved them in glass. Mussels,prawns and clams in natural brine or in marinara sauce become the absolute protagonists of traditional and creative recipes. With this line Zarotti brings seafood to the table which is ideal for delicately flavoured starters, pasta dishes and main courses.


With the HORECA line, we meet the needs of the HOtelier-REstaurant-CAtering market. Guaranteeing tradition, quality and the characteristics of consumer lines such as fishing, processing and packing times and techniques. Anchovy fillets, salted anchovies, anchovy paste and tuna fillets in olive oil: traditional products, available in large sizes for high level catering.