Paccheri pasta in an onion and sage broth with “Colatura”



Cook the Paccheri pasta in boiling salted water and add half a finely chopped onion.
Brown the remaining onion with a dash of the oil from the anchovies, blend with the “colatura” sauce and a little of the pasta cooking water and simmer for about ten minutes.
In the meantime, dissolve the anchovies in their oil with the addition of a dash of olive oil and simmer for a few minutes.
Drain the pasta (cooked al dente) together with the onions, start to mix into a base of anchovies in a frying pan and let it cook on a high flame, adding some ladles of water. Blend the onions with a handheld food mixer then sweat/lightly cook them with the “Colatura” sauce, adjust the salt and pepper seasoning and whip/beat with olive oil until it forms a cream.

To serve

Pour the cream into a flat-bottomed dish and then place the Paccheri pasta onto the cream. Complete with a drizzle of fresh olive oil.