Panzanella with mackerel fillets



Panzanella is a type of Tuscan salad made with anchovies, chopped salad, vegetables, and bread soaked in dressing

Cut the bread into cubes.
Cut the ​​tomatoes into slices and place them in a colander, keeping aside the water used to clean them. Dilute the tomato liquid with vinegar and half a glass of water.
Moisten the bread with the liquid, stir quickly and let it rest for 10minutes.
Peel and chop the cucumber into cubes, cut the onion into thin rings and chop the basil.
Mix all the vegetables with the bread, season with extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste.
Let it rest at least 30minutes before eating.
Before serving, add the drained and sliced ​​mackerel fillets and mix gently.

To serve

Put the panzanella on plates, garnish with fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of oil.