Summer salad with tuna fillets in oil



Cook the whole potatoes in slightly salty water until they appear soft inside.
Drain and let them cool. Peel them, cut into cubes and season with two tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt.
Clean the vegetables, cut the lettuce, slice ​​the tomatoes and half of the lemon into thin slices.
Cook eggs starting in cold water for 7 minutes from boiling. Drain and cool.
Emulsify 40g of oil with little salt, mustard and the remaining lemon juice.
Season the vegetables with the emulsion and mix gently.

To serve

Place the salad on the plates, distributing it evenly. Finish with the potatoes, boiled eggs cut in half, olives and tuna fillets.
Sprinkle over basil or other fresh herbs as desired.