The Sea of Zarotti

Those born by the sea feel it inside. It’s a bond that lasts a lifetime and from the sea, if you can, you try never to be separated.

We are two brothers, Felice and Alfredo. When we were boys in Vietri where we were born in the evenings we used to sit watching the fishing lamps going out to fish for anchovies. Slowly moving away from the shore, then remaining there, in the midst of the sea, where there is always the feeling that time flows differently, and no one knows why.

Then, after a few years, we moved with our families to San Marco di Castellabate; we wanted to work with fish in those days, the early 70s, when it was abundant and the fishing boats came in right there, in San Marco, where you could salt the fresh anchovies in barrels of olive wood which guaranteed a unique quality that became famous all over the world.

Anchovies, a simple food, a natural gift from the sea, like vegetables, fruit and wheat are gifts from the land. Simplicity … a word that belongs to us and that will never go out of fashion, passed down to our daughters and now our grandchildren. The fruits of our labour: fishing, preserving in barrels, salting, aging and conserving in oil are not a return to nature but are constant ways to remain bonded to it, to believe in it, and not to lose sight of everything we do in our company and in life.

Felice e Alfredo Scermino